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The great Telugu poet Yogi Vemana

Vemana was a telugu poet. He composed numerous poems in Telugu in Aata Veladhi metre which consists of four lines. They end with the signature line Viswadhaabhi Raama, Vinura Vema, literally Beloved of Vishwadha, listen Vema. Vemana's poems were collected and published by C.P.Brown in the 19th century. His poems are of many kinds, social, moral, satirical and mystic nature. All of them are in Ataveladi. his poems deal with social problems and sometimes propose solutions too. This is a good wisdom poems. It is very famouse in Telugu. He has written 100 poems. So it is called Vemana satakam. each poem is a lesson of life.

vemana satakam padyalu

some of his famouse poems in Telugu.

Uppu Kappurambu nokka polika nundu
Chooda chooda ruchulu jaada veru
Purushulandu Punya purushulu veraya
Viswadhaabhiraama, Vinura Vema

Salt and camphor look alike With familiarity, the paths of their taste is different Among men, virtuous people stand apart Beloved of the Bounteous, Vema, listen!

Gangi govu paalu garitadainanu chaalu
Kadivedainanemi kharamu paalu
Bhakti kalugu koodu pattedainanu chaalu
Viswadhaabhiraama, Vinura Vema

A ladleful of a Sacred cow's milk is enough Of what worth is even a potful of donkey's milk Even a little food given with respect is sumptuous Beloved of the Bounteous, Vema, listen!