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The word Ugadi or Yugadi is a mix of two words,Yuga which means Age in Sanskrit and Adi means 'Beginning' in Sanskrit. There is a mythological belief that Lord Brahma, one the traid of Hindu gods started creating the present world called Kali Yuga on this auspicious day and hence this day was referred to as Ugadi or Yugadi. This day is also referred to as Chaitra Suddha Paadyami according to many religious texts of the Hindus. Ugadi usually falls in the months of March or April of the Indian calendar.

The festival of Ugadi indicates the starting of the New Year for the people residing between the river Kaveri and Vindhyan mountains which includes states of Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Ugadi also brings spring season along with it where budding of the new leaves on the trees looks magnificently creating positive vibes and excitement in the hearts of people celebrating the festival. On this auspicious day new businesses and ventures were started with the belief that this would bring good luck and prosperity.


The celebration of the festival starts a way before its actual arrival. Before the beginning of Chaitra masam, people starts cleaning and whitewashing their houses. Many people purchases new clothes and jewellery for them and to their family members. Temples and houses cleanes and decorates with beautiful flowers and mango leaves. To celebrate the festival entire household wakeup early before the sunrise, takes head bath and wears new traditional clothes and make entrances of the rooms decorate with the mango leaves called toranalu. The entrances of the houses are also decorated with colourful Rangolis.

Special item ugadhi chutney

Ugadi chutney is prepared by mixing Neem flowers, Jaggery and ripe bananas, Salt, Unripe mangoes, Chillies and pepper, Tamarind. People offer ugadi chutney and other food items to their deity and go to the temples. Ugadi chutney which was the combination of six tastes was eaten and distributed to their neighbours. The six tastes in the chutney indicates life is a combination of six emotions: bitterness indicates sarrow, sweetness indicates happiness, saltness for fear, tangness for surprises, hot taste for anger, sour for disgust. Special food items were eaten and entire household listen to the devotional speeches and the entire day was spend with utmost joy.

Special on this day

On this day sun enters Aeries(Mesha Rasi) and a special event called Panchanga Sravanam. Panchangam is a almanac containing many astrological details. Some people believe that listening to Panchanga Sravanam on this day is very auspicious. In Panchaga Sravanam, priests forecasts upcoming Weather conditions for farmers, Economic conditions of the country, Political scenarios and implications to the future of Individuals basing on their zodiac signs and birth stars.

In 2020 year ugadi falls on 25 of March. Name of the this year is sarvari according to telugu years